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Art on Bit developed plugins for Cinema 4D for three years now. It was a joy to create software for the CG world. The existing plugins for Cinema R12 to R15 can still be purchased. Those plugin still enable you to achieve tasks, which are very hard to achieve otherwise.

The Sparkle Shader is not listed under freebies, because it is a fully grown Cinetool, which just never made it to a release... as plugin development is stopped now, I decided to release it for free!

On this page you can find some 3D Fractals.


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If you take a nicely reflecting steal spoon, which has a lot of fine scratches, you can observe a rather interesting effect when reflecting a bright source. It seems as you can always just see those scratches, which lie tangential to the specular highlight. For example, if the reflection of a bright light is in the middle of the spoon's round, it seems as all scratches run circularly around the bright spot. But if you point a light from the side and very flat to the surface, it seems as all scratches run just straight. Most interesting is the fact, that it is very hard to spot the other scratches, they really seem to vanish.

In the following demo movie I show some more objects rendered only by the Real Curvature Shader. The objects are shown both as wire as also with a curvature definition. The objects do not have UV mapping applied (they have no other Tag than the RCS in a Texture Tag). The result you see is only created by one or more Real Curvature Shaders (besides some glowy post-effects) in the Luminance Channel and of course a shader for the wires of the objects.



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VRay for Cinema4D does not work with camera-projections in its current version (1.2.6). As projection-mapping is a very essential technique to map textures to objects, I wrote a little helper to fix this issue.

What is Atlasing and do I need it? Here an excerpt from Wikipedia about Atlasing:


These are two test-runs of two rigs that where created for an animation. The two-screen rig has inverse and also forward kinematics. The nine-screen-rig has only forward kinematics.

Short animation about ICSI (Intercytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and nature's fascinating ability, to surprise us.   Animation: Evolution - ICSI   function setupfuncf175261e25398015a181f5c0ee68ba90() { var myIFrame = document.getElementById("iframeidf175261e25398015a181f5c0ee68ba90"); setUpContainer("#videocontaineridf175261e25398015a181f5c0ee68ba90", 1.7826086956522); setUpVideoWrap("#videowrapidf175261e25398015a181f5c0ee68ba90", 656, 1, 0); setUpContainerChildren("#videocontaineridf175261e25398015a181f5c0ee68ba90"); var jsonoptions = { 'file': '/images/showroom/playground/evolutionicsi/Evolution-ICSI_656x368Audio.mp4', 'plugins': { 'hd-2' : {} }, 'hd.file': '/images/showroom/playground/evolutionicsi/Evolution-ICSI_Audio.mp4', 'image': '/images/showroom/playground/evolutionicsi/EvolutionICSI.jpg', 'wmode': 'opaque', 'playlistsize': '180', 'height': '100%', 'width': '100%', 'logo.timeout': '1.5', 'logo.file': '/images/logo.png', 'skin': '', 'hd.fullscreen': 'true' } ;myIFrame.contentWindow.setupPlayer(jsonoptions);}

This setup can be used to emit TPs just in the dimensions required. It is written as an XPresso node with some Python. I built it to create a distribution of particles which can be used for example with Geotools to break an even surface. Like this, there is a higher concentration of particles towards the center.

This is a simple setup to create clocks that run with the "document-time", given a start-time. The logic is written in python within an XPresso Node, so can easily be adapted to your own needs.

DizCharger is a Generator Object for Cinema 4D. It creates Splines based on two Vertex-Maps. The Splines can split not unlike electrictiy and the Generator has many, many options to create a desired result. It is also pretty fun to use with the MoGraph Tracer.


PrimeXM - Prime Exchange Markets:

The elephant is a scan from a real-world model (provided by courtesy of INRIA by the AIM@SHAPE Shape Repository). The gas-simulation alone used 240 Gb of disk space for the cache. The elephant and pedestal was then "filled" with 8 million particles which where affected by the gas-simulation.

An XPresso implementation for emitting particles along the normals of a surface of a polygon-object. The same behavior can be achieved by other means (PMatterWaves, TP Surface Emitter Preset), this is meant as a simple example how to implement this with XPresso.


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The following chair consists of two million particles.

The following images could be entitled "Visual Noise". All you can see in the images, is geometry generated at rendertime. This is the so called SPD (Subpolygon-Displacement). Most images have a six-sided cube as a base, some have other simple polygon objects. Everything else is generated by subdividing those surfaces by a very high amount (8-11 subdivisions) and then extrude them by noise-functions.

This plugin is a little helper. It will assign the Material with the name 'Overlay' to every object in a hierarchy or to all objects in the document.

When shattering objects with transparent materials, it is necessary to control the refraction for each individual piece. Otherwise the object appears already shattered, as refraction will make the borders of the pieces visible. In this scene is a simple setup which controls the "Visible by Refraction" option of Compositing Tags. You can set the minimum force necessary to enable the refraction for the piece.

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