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Here you can find Plugins for Cinema 4D.

Terms & Delivery:

The "tools" will be delivered by email, as soon as the transaction is approved. Please make sure to choose the correct item and allow several business days for processing your request. The "tools" will be delivered fully functional and without the need for a key, so no refunds are possible after they where delivered. The tools are protected by personalization.

Make sure to check if your platform Win/Mac is supported!

No further Plugin-Development

Art on Bit developed plugins for Cinema 4D for three years now. It was a joy to create software for the CG world. The existing plugins for Cinema R12 to R15 can still be purchased. Those plugin still enable you to achieve tasks, which are very hard to achieve otherwise.

There is an "unofficial" way to update the R15 plugins to R16 (not all require an update). I call it "unofficial", because I do not possess a R16 licence and can therefore not give any support for R16.

Update: The latest software update for Cinema R16 will break this "unofficial" way for the RealCurvatureShader. I have not heard about other plugins yet. So, if you use a fully updated R16 version, the RealCurvatureShader won't work anymore.

You can find the resource files below for downloading. You have to go into the plugins "res/description" folder, and exchange the existing file there, with the newly downloaded one (unzip first). Note, that I had to restart Cinema twice sometimes, in order that the exchange takes effect.

Plugin Name                                     Resource File to exchange
Surface Curvature Shader v1.01     "xscsshader.res"
Real Curvature Shader v1.1             "xrcsshader.res"
Atlasing Tool v1.20                          "Tuvma.res"

The other plugins do not need any change, in order to work in R16 (if you find a problem, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can look into it. There is no guarantee that I can actually do something if it breaks, but Ill check anyway).

If you do not yet possess the latest version of a plugin, please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your registered PayPal adress. Make sure that you mention which plugin(s) you need an update for.

In case you do not have the PayPal account anymore, or have changed the email adress, please attach the file with the ending ".cdl64" from the plugins folder to the mail, so I can verify that you are the owner of the plugin and update my contact list.

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AoB - Sparkle Shader

on 18 September 2014

Sparkle Shader [V1.0, C4D R12 - R16, Win/Mac]

The Sparkle Shader is not listed under freebies, because it is a fully grown Cinetool, which just never made it to a release... as plugin development is stopped now, I decided to release it for free!

The Sparkle Shader can be used to create an insane amount of ‚flakes‘ on surfaces, which behave correctly in regard to specular lightning and reflections.


No UVW mapping necessary
• A lot of control and advanced parameters for more complex mappings
• It is a shader, no post effect and therefore interacts with the scene
• Several Flake Layers which can be mixed together individually
• Each Flake Layer has its own settings: Layers, Sparkling, Particle Settings, Specular, Reflection, Fresnel
• The internal Fresnel helps reproducing the „depth“ of the layer and also optimizes rendertimes
• Additional Fresnel slot for shaders
• The Sparkle Shader can be used for example in the Luminance Channel -> You still can control Reflection and the Specular of the material independently
• Within the AR, the shader can raytrace reflections
• Very small memory footprint, does not need any internal maps
• Works with Subpolygon Displacement (SPD)
• In-/Exclude lights per Sparkle-Shader for speed optimization

Manual PDF  < Have a look at the manual for more information!

The Sparkle Shader comes with a material library, to give you a base from which to start. The manual covers all the settings and also has vital information about the inner workings of the shader. Below are some animations as also shots from all materials from the v1.0 material library. 

All Materials used below, have only two Material Channels active:

• The Reflection Channel with a Cinema Fresnel
• The Luminance Channel with the Sparkle Shader



Sparkle Shader

Sparkle Shader R12-R16

The Mac build is kindly provided by Arndt von Koenigsmarck ( /


Sparkle Shader Presets

Copy the unzipped material library to the following folder, which you can find in the Cinema user preference folder:

.../CINEMA 4D XXX/library/browser

The plugin is installed like any other plugin, by copying (the unzipped download) to the Cinema plugin folder.



Some animated examples:









 Materials based on Reflecition and Specular:


Materials based on Reflecition:


Materials based on Specular:




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