30 Jul 2012

AoB - Atlasing Tool [V1.20, C4D R12/R13/R14, Win/Mac]

What is Atlasing and do I need it? Here an excerpt from Wikipedia about Atlasing:

In realtime computer graphics, a texture atlas is a large image, or "atlas" which contains many smaller sub-images, each of which is a texture for some part of a 3D object. The sub-textures can be rendered by modifying the texture coordinates of the object's uvmap on the atlas, essentially telling it which part of the image its texture is in. In an application where many small textures are used frequently, it is often more efficient to store the textures in a texture atlas which is treated as a single unit by the graphics hardware. In particular, because there are less rendering state changes by binding once, it can be faster to bind one large texture once than to bind many smaller textures as they are drawn.

With the AoB - Atlasing Tool you can now create Atlases right in Cinema 4D!


Manual PDF   < Have a look at the manual for more information!


No further Plugin Development - Please Read Me  

Price: 49.- CHF (Win/Mac)

Terms & Delivery 


Space Optimization vs. Color Sorting  

The tool has an in-built "just a bit smarter than bruteforce" attempt, to color-sort. It always minimizes space-usage, but can be told to additionally check for colors. You can either choose not to check color-values (just pack it), or you can choose to try and optimize also the color-sorting. With color-sorting the algorithm tries to minimize color-differences along the borders of the tiles within the Atlas. 

Create One Or Many

The Atlasing Tool will automatically create as many atlases as are needed to fill in all textures into atlases of the given size. The algorithm searches through hunderts or thousands of solutions and can output as many as wished. So, if you like, you can always choose the one atlas "by eye" that fits best to your current needs.

Several Channels at once

You can choose any channel to get included into a separate atlas. You can also choose, which channel is the base for the color-sorting/matching.

Mapping File, Where Is What

For each atlas a mapping-file is generated, which contains the texture-names and the UV mapping.With the help of this file, you can then convert the UVs of objects using those materials.



 This Screencast shows, how an atlas can be created and the UVs remapped:


This Screencast shows, how to include several channels:

This Screencast shows, how to work with several parts.



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