05 Mar 2013

Real Curvature Shader [V1.01, C4D R12 - R15, Win]


  • New very fast and robust core, allows good and fast results also for very challenging objects.
  • Smoothing Methods: Normal Smoothing  / Smoothing / Wind / Blur
  • Influence Modes for dependence on a position in space or by the active view vector or an objects z-direction.
  • Create dirt maps of all kinds! With the full angle control combined with wind, you can distribute dirt, scratches, rust or abrasion regions, wherever you need them.
  • Some more buzzwords: Hardsurface, Organic, Weathering, Morell, Toon Shading
  • No UV mapping necessary, very useful for complex objects and the use of procedural textures.
  • Statistics: Get an overview how the actual curvature values are distributed.
  • New Distortion Shader Slot: Apply distortions by curvature! Allows to mix in also 3D Volume Shaders, so also this approach can be used without UVW Mapping!
  • With a little tweaking, effects close to Ambient Occlusion or Subsurface Scattering, can also be achieved.
  • For artistic use with deforming objects (animations).

Manual PDF  < Have a look at the manual for more information!



In the following demo movie I show some more objects rendered only by the Real Curvature Shader. The objects are shown both as wire as also with a curvature definition. The objects do not have UV mapping applied (they have no other Tag than the RCS in a Texture Tag). The result you see is only created by one or more Real Curvature Shaders (besides some glowy post-effects) in the Luminance Channel and of course a shader for the wires of the objects.


Demo Movie: Mesh vs. Curvature:



Some excerpts from the demo movie - Mesh vs. Curvature - and some additional shots of the scorpions:





Here is demo movie showing the new Wind, Smoothing and Influence Options:


Screencast: Here I show Scaling and shortly the Mapping, also how changing values changes the Statistics:


Screencast: Playing with an Ixus Camera Model:


Screencast: Ixus and the Distortion Shader Slot:


No further Plugin Development - Please Read Me

Price: 99.- CHF (Win only)

Terms & Delivery


Owners of the Surface Curvature Shader, who bought the SCS before the 06.03.2013 can use the following special offer:

Price: 49.- CHF (Win only)

Terms & Delivery



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