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The "tools" will be delivered by email, as soon as the transaction is approved. Please make sure to choose the correct item and allow several business days for processing your request. The "tools" will be delivered fully functional and without the need for a key, so no refunds are possible after they where delivered. The tools are protected by personalization.

Make sure to check if your platform Win/Mac is supported!

Surface Curvature Shader [V1.01, C4D R12 - R15, Win]


  • Create dirt maps of all kinds! With the full angle control combined with wind, you can distribute dirt, scratches, rust or abrasion regions, wherever you need them.
  • Some more buzzwords: Hardsurface, Organic, Weathering, Morell
  • No UV mapping necessary, very useful for complex objects and the use of procedural textures.
  • With a little tweaking, effects close to Ambient Occlusion or Subsurface Scattering, can also be achieved.
  • For artistic use with deforming objects (animations).

Manual PDF


Note: Make sure to check out the new Real Curvature Shader


No further Plugin Development - Please Read Me  

Price: 59.- CHF

(Win only)

Terms & Delivery 


Two examples by John Strieder:



Control: Separate convex and concave controls!

Individual controls allow for maximal freedom in selecting the mapping range by curvature.



More Control: Automatic/Manual Range Clipping, Separate/Common mapping Curves!

 Automatic Mapping will choose the maxiumum values for the clipping automatically or the values can be entered manually.




Fast: Takes advantage of all your processors!

This example was rendered in the Cinema Editor with only the Curvature Shader in the Luminance Channel with an object containing 10 mio (!!) polygons. Two blur passes are done too. The time needed on a twelve-core machine is 6 seconds (5 are needed for Cinema to prepare). If that speed is not yet enough, you can always just bake your map!



Wind and Blur: For smooth and windy results!



Fill 'Hole' Feature: Apply fixes for small problems or use it as another tweak in the mix with the other parameters!



Universal: Works on anything that finally creates polygons, including Hypernurbs!


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PLAVelocity - Tag Plugin

on 04 September 2011

globalpsr 30x30plavelocity 30x30



PLAVelocity - Tag Plugin [V0.7, C4D R12 - R15, Win]


The PLAVelocity Tag together with the GlobalPSR Tag (also included) are tools to do velocity based interaction. A Softbody is a very good example. The points of a Softbody have different velocities when the body is deformed. The PLAVelocity Tag needs a PLA animation to be able to efficiently calculate the points current velocities. The velocity values will be written to a Vertex Map.


The Vertex Map can be used to drive a Shader or restrict Deformers for example. Many things are possible with Vertex Maps.


There are several demo scenes to download here on the page (bottom). They contain a short excerpt of the scenes used to create the example movies (short, because cached PLA Tracks need much space on disk). The scenes can also be downloaded if you do not have the PLAVelocity plugin, but the Vertex Map control won't be working in that case. There are additionally some screencasts, demonstrating the use of the plugin.


No further Plugin Development - Please Read Me

Price: 19.- CHF

(Win only)

 Terms & Delivery





Screencast - Local Mode




Screencast - Global Mode




Screencast - Workflow



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