Overlay - Command Plugin

on 04 November 2011

Overlay - Command Plugin[v1.3, C4D R12 - R15]

This plugin is a little helper. It will assign the Material with the name 'Overlay' to every object in a hierarchy or to all objects in the document.

  • If exactly one object is selected, everything below (including the selected object) will be assigned the 'Overlay' material.
  • If no object is selected, everything will be assigned an 'Overlay' material.


The Material 'Overlay' will be created, if no Material with that name exists. The 'Overlay' Texture-Tags can also be deleted/assigned/copied manually. If several 'Overlay' Materials are on the same object, successive calling of the command will remove them "layer" by "layer".

Changes 1.4:
  • R14 Compatible
Changes 1.3:
  • Also put overlays on any object which has a phong-tag or already a texture-tag assigned (even if it is a Null-Object...). This is just another "hint" for the Overlay Command, where *also* to put an Overlay Material (ie. not a restriction, but more objects will get the Overlay Material).


Last modified on Monday, 18 November 2013 19:42

Glass Dynamics Refraction Control [C4D R12+]

When shattering objects with transparent materials, it is necessary to control the refraction for each individual piece. Otherwise the object appears already shattered, as refraction will make the borders of the pieces visible. In this scene is a simple setup which controls the "Visible by Refraction" option of Compositing Tags. You can set the minimum force necessary to enable the refraction for the piece.

Note: Two shortcomings of the current version:

  • Once a piece falls again below the given threshold, it will loose the refraction
  • The Shadow is not affected by this setup, so borders will be visible


Last modified on Friday, 18 January 2013 03:06

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