3D Fractals

on 26 March 2014

3D Fractals

On this page you can find some 3D Fractals.


The images are quite big, so don't forget to maximize them by clicking the "Toggle Size" button. Then you can use the scrollbars to navigate around.


 Most Browsers allow you to zoom in and out by holding the control-key and scrolling with your mouse wheel. In this way you can easily explore the Fractals at different sizes.



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Metal Scratches

on 29 June 2013

Metal Scratches

If you take a nicely reflecting steal spoon, which has a lot of fine scratches, you can observe a rather interesting effect when reflecting a bright source. It seems as you can always just see those scratches, which lie tangential to the specular highlight. For example, if the reflection of a bright light is in the middle of the spoon's round, it seems as all scratches run circularly around the bright spot. But if you point a light from the side and very flat to the surface, it seems as all scratches run just straight. Most interesting is the fact, that it is very hard to spot the other scratches, they really seem to vanish.

It was interesting to work out a setup which can reproduce this effect. Below is the result. Some images will follow.


Movie: Metal Scratches on Spoon:

 Some images where the effect is more subtle compared to the animation:



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Screen-Rig Tests

on 20 June 2012

These are two test-runs of two rigs that where created for an animation. The two-screen rig has inverse and also forward kinematics. The nine-screen-rig has only forward kinematics.


Animation: Screen-Rig Tests


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