06 Feb 2012

DizCharger is a Generator Object for Cinema 4D. It creates Splines based on two Vertex-Maps. The Splines can split not unlike electrictiy and the Generator has many, many options to create a desired result. It is also pretty fun to use with the MoGraph Tracer.

The proximity setup to control the Vertex-Maps is realized with the Selection-Effector from Paul Everetts Additional Effectors  and the AoB-PolygonInstance Tag.



A DizCharger Test:




Playing with the DizCharger:




The DizCharger got some new features, mainly the possibility to control the Emission of TP particles by "hit event". If a bolt makes its way to the target, emission can be controlled by surface-normal (direction) with variations, velocity, amount, age and other parameters.


More possibilities for the DizCharger:



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